Year 9 Option Choices

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2017 Work Experience

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Year 9 Option Choices

The Options booklet has now been posted home to parents and carers. A copy is also available on the link below.

Year 9 Options booklet

The Year 9 Parent / Carer Consultation Evening takes place on 2nd March. Letters have gone home to parents / carers and students should now be making appointments with their teachers.

Miss Squires will also be available on this night to answer any questions you may have relating to your child’s option choices.

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2017 Work Experience

The week of 6-10 February 2017 saw most of our Year 10’s out on work experience. The students worked for a variety of employers, including; pharmacies, cafes, solicitors, schools, restaurants, scientific research companies, garages, architects, accountants, and banks to name a few.

This has been a fantastic year for success stories from students who went out on their placements and we have received fantastic comments from employers who have been very proud of their achievements and impressed as to how enthusiastic the pupils were. Employers commented on the professionalism and motivation pupils have shown throughout their time with them.

This was an important time for the year group to develop life skills as well as developing their professionalism, resilience and motivation

We have had a number of students who have done so well they have secured jobs from their placements.

One student had a placement with Rossetts commercial a heavy vehicle maintenance company and seems to have secured himself an apprenticeship. Well done Corey Tyler, exciting times ahead.

Another student who has a passion for fishing and angling merchandise spent a very successful week with Prime Angling in Worthing, The employer commented on how enthusiastic, knowledgeable and professional this student had been, and they have offered him work during the holidays and the week – end . Well done Thomas Churcher- what a star you’ve been!

Pupils were happy to share how much they benefited from their experiences:

During our work experience week, many of us had very different and unique experiences at a range of interesting placements. From retail stores to pharmaceutical companies, we were able to explore possible future career pathways. Many of us were able to use state of the art equipment depending on our choice of work, such as: Electronic Pipettes, Scientific Machinery and 3D Printers. Some of us were even offered opportunities to work for our placements when we leave school!

Sam Stringer: Allergy Therapeutics

With a strong interest in science, it was great to gain an insight to what work is really like in the labs of pharmaceutical companies and see how they operate behind all the security. The use of state of the art scientific equipment is normality, and it really shows just how different the world of work is to life in school. I really enjoyed my time at Allergy Therapeutics, and I am definitely considering returning as a possible employee!

Alastair Lee – Goldstone Primary school P.E teaching

During my week at the school I was faced with a range of different ages from 4 to 11. I also had to assist in teaching a wide range of sports from gymnastics to cricket. I found the teaching fun as I got to experience what I would like to do as a future career. The students were good and listened to me; they showed me the same respect as other teachers and followed instructions. However I have realised that I wouldn’t like to have to get the train every day and that I would either want somewhere more local or find another way to get there, like if I can drive in the future then I would rather do that. I also got an opportunity to see how the lessons were planned and how they tell the children what they are doing in a way that they understand. I also saw how behaviour management varies through the years and how they deal with each different year group differently when they discipline them.

Josh Flexen- Game Retail Worthing

At Game I had to undertake a variety of activities from unpacking deliveries to serving customers who spoke Spanish and very little English! The one thing that I liked most was that the staff were so friendly towards me. Future job prospects look good as well!

Love Onwuzuruike- Lloyds Pharmacy

I have always loved science and want to do something with medicine in the future. My placement at the pharmacy gave me an insight into what really goes on behind the tills! I did perpetual inventory counts, planograms, claims surveys, face fronting and learnt about RP’s and MUK’s. My placement clarified my decision to study medicine in the future and become a GP. This is an experience I will never forget.

William Ballard- Ricardo Technical Centre

For the first 2 days I was in the stores disassembling and reassembling shelving for a new storage area. Day 3 saw me in the design department where I worked on a CAD computer. I was able to create a diesel piston and printed it out on a 3D printer. For the last 2 days I was in the project department aiding staff with emissions testing on 2 Ford cars. I found my whole experience very interesting and this has led me to consider an engineering career path. An office job is not for me – hands on is my choice. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience.

Nadia Rahman- Santander Bank Worthing

For a few a years now, I have been thinking about Finance /Banking as a career. My work experience placement at Santander Bank gave me a good overview of what the industry is like. I was given a variety of tasks to do. In particular I really enjoyed the shopping task, where I had to go into other banks to see what their products were like and report back to Santander. With the findings I had a chance to do a presentation task to the bank manager. This was a wonderful opportunity to learn and showcase new skills. Throughout the week all the staff were friendly and this has definitely improved my communication skills. I can now see that working in the finance industry is a real possibility for me.



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