End of term message from Ms Marooney

Dear students, staff, parents/carers

Wow what an amazing year we have had!  Many successes in various curriculum areas across the school, coupled with successful residential trips, sporting activities, performances and fabulous enrichment activities, all combine to make Durrington a special place to be. Exciting plans are underway for the new build which will begin over the summer holiday. This term saw our sad withdrawal from sponsoring the new secondary school for all the right reasons; however our own future has many exciting developments upon the horizon. It is always this time of year when we say goodbye to Y11 and some staff. Two members of staff, Mrs Melling and Mr Woods, are retiring after many years of service to the school. We say thank you and wish all departing colleagues and students every success in the future. One of the things I am most proud of is our new ‘wall of excellence’ which is a small reflection of the superb work that happens day in and day out across the school.   It shows that our students really do go ‘beyond their best’.

We have had a super year and our sense of community spirit has been clearly demonstrated on a number of occasions.  We start September 2014 in an extremely strong position, excited and ready to face the challenges ahead!

I wish you a wonderful summer holiday and look forward to working with you all again next year!

Sue Marooney

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