Safety and well-being of our students

Dear Parent/Carer

Safety and well-being of our students

In all aspects of our school life, the safety and well-being of our students is at the core of our very purpose and everyday work. In light of the recent events in Manchester and London there is an understandable focus on security arrangements.

I am writing to reassure parents / carers that in the unlikely event of a security threat to the school, there is a full emergency plan in line with West Sussex County Council guidelines and recommendations that we would immediately activate, to minimise any such threat.  Our staff body are fully briefed on the emergency procedures and we have a variety of measures in place to ensure that any potential risk is managed and that the safety of our students and staff is prioritised. You will be aware that last summer we invested significantly in enhancing the security of the site through the installation of the fences around the perimeter and have secure keypad operated gates. We continue to be stringent in all aspects of safeguarding including visitors to our school.

We are regularly reviewing the advice given by the Government and West Sussex County Council to schools regarding the safety of students and staff.   As you will be aware, there are a number of educational visits planned throughout this half term and we continue to review the suitability of these visits on a weekly, often daily basis. We are also acutely aware that students have many questions regarding the recent tragic events in Manchester and London and our SME department have created opportunities within curriculum time for students to share their thoughts, feelings and questions in an appropriate and structured environment.

As ever, we value the support that parents and carers give our work, especially at difficult times such as these. Should you have any further questions, please contact me at school.


Yours sincerely

Mr J Fuller 

Assistant Headteacher