Learning development & innovation

Here at DHS our staff keep abreast of the most recent developments in teaching and learning using a wide variety of strategies – described below.  Collaboration with other schools is a key part of this, so if you would like further information on any of these initiatives, or to get involved either by attending an event or discussing an area of interest with one of our staff, please contact Shaun Allison (sallison@durring.com)

15 Minute Forums

These take place every Thursday at 3.30pm.  They are an informal way of sharing best practice amongst staff.

Any shared strategies from the sessions can be found here:



Teachers as Researchers

A group of DHS staff working in collaboration with the University of Brighton are paid a bursary to carry out a research project in school.  If you are interested in developing this area of your own practice, please feel free to contact us.

Specialist Leader in Education

Kate Bloomfield, our Head of English, is also an NCSL SLE, with a focus on subject leadership – kbloomfield2@durring.com

Teach Meet

We  will be hosting a ‘TeachMeet’ on Thursday 15 June 2017, from 5pm-8pm.  A TeachMeet is a free, informal conference where teachers present creative and innovative teaching strategies they are using.


Making Every Lesson Count Conference and Teacher Development Programme

The book ‘Making every lesson count’ by Shaun Allison and Andy Tharby (Durrington High School) explores six pedagogical principles that the authors suggest are essential to great teaching. During the conference, we will explore the key ideas from the book and then how they can be used to inform whole school policy, such as assessment without levels. You will also hear case studies from teachers from a variety of schools, who have been refining their use of the principles, through the ‘Making every lesson count – Teacher Development Programme’ this year.

Using IRIS Connect to develop learning

At DHS we are using ‘IRIS Connect’ lesson observation camera technology to support our staff with professional reflection and development. Further details can be seen here:


If you would like to visit us to see IRIS in action, please feel free to contact Shaun Allison at the school.