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Durrington High School is a successful learning community where students are keen to learn and staff are excited about their work; an environment where ideas are valued and potential is realised.

We are an inclusive school committed to equality of opportunity. We wish to work with all stakeholders to pursue high quality vocational and academic programmes which have clear links and pathways to further learning and the world of work.

The school values the differences that all individuals bring with them which enrich our school community.

We are extremely fortunate that the school site reflects our commitment to learning in the 21st century. Our spacious grounds and superb light, purpose built facilities are fully equipped to deliver exciting and challenging opportunities. In this way we prepare students to be independent learners and thoughtful citizens ready to face the challenges of the future. In order for potential to be realised a strong partnership between student, school and home must be in place. Mutual respect, a readiness to learn and high expectations must be shared by everyone, so an environment is created in which every child may feel secure and be encouraged to achieve their personal best.

As a school we have a track record of success, based resolutely in excellent classroom practice, innovative delivery and forward thinking curriculum development. Being a teacher or training to be a teacher with us, will enable you to deepen your pedagogy, work alongside successful practitioners and so develop as strong and effective professionals.