You said … we did

Dear Parent / Carer

As a school we continually work in partnership with parents and carers to ensure that all students are supported to encouraged to go beyond their best in all areas of life at Durrington High school. We continue to value feedback from parents/carers and below you will find parental suggestions and what we have done to respond to these recommendations.

You said………. We did……….
That the progress reports needed to be simplified, more concise and give parents/carers the information needed to compare their child’s progress against national standards.
  • Improved the structure, design and layout of the report so that it could be contained on one A4 page.
  • Improved the guidance given to parents/carers with information about expected progress in relation to individuals as well as to national standards.
That parents/carers would benefit from more information regarding Assessment Without Levels (AWL).
  • Added a specific Assessing Without Levels section to the parent section of the website.
  • Created a Frequently Asked Question section to support parents / carers as they develop their understanding.
Improve the speed and effectiveness of communication if my child is given a detention and clearer communication as to what homework they have been set.
  • Developed the new connect system so that parents/carers are emailed daily should their child be given a detention.
  • Ensured that all homework set for students is emailed to parents/carers at 4pm every Friday.
Support my child in remaining safe online.
  • All students in years 7-11 received co-ordinated internet safety assemblies in the Spring term.
  • Year 7, 8 and 9 students have taken part in E-Safety presentations and workshops led by nationally recognised performers.
  • SME curriculum covers E-safety across Key Stages 3 and 4.
That the school should be clear and consistent about the style of trousers and skirts within the uniform policy.
  • Clarified the style of trousers as being straight legged.
  • Specified that the school skirt will be a Banner Salisbury A Line skirt available from our 3 uniform suppliers:
  • Broadwater Sports
  • First 4Uniform Lancing
  • Pinnacle Sports, Worthing
  • Regular contact home from the school to parents and carers to reinforce expectations throughout the year through regular ………..
  • Undertaking a mid-year review to ensure that consistently high standards of uniform are maintained across the school.
Provide updated information to parents /carers regarding the key curriculum changes for year 10 students. 


  • Created a bespoke Year 10 event lead by the directors of maths, English and science providing all of the key information relating to subjects and assessments.
  • Shared information from the local colleges regarding progression routes and expected college entry requirements in line with new OFQUAL grading.


Give parents/carers tips, strategies and methods to support their learning through year 11 and their GCSE examinations.
  • Provided practical methods via a Learning Performance workshop about how parents /carers can become more actively involved in Key Stage 4 learning and how to best support their children’s exam preparation.
  • Provided a separate mock exam support event for parents / carers, focussing on the most effective revision methods for students.
  • Shared information with parents/carers about the most effective methods of learning and revision that their children can utilise.
Support my year 7 and 8 child in the transition to DHS. 
  • Provided the opportunity for students to nominate four friends they would like to be grouped with, with the commitment to group them they will be with at least one of the students.
  • Created a year 7 and 8 only area for students to use during social times.
  • Created a year 7 and 8 only toilet area
  • Provided a new dining area for year 7 students only in the Pavilion.
Provide more support and guidance during the year 9 subject option process. 
  • Created an additional parent/carer briefing focussing on the option process in order to support them and students in making suitable choices.
  • Senior Deputy Head, with responsibility for curriculum, led personalised meetings with parent / carers to support individual option choices.
Reduce the effect that the small minority of children smoking has on the students. 
  • Clarified our expectations and our rules regarding smoking on or near the school site.
  • Increased the severity of the sanctions imposed on any student who breaks the rules.
Improve the range of student well-being support on offer to students across the school.
  • Increased the number of staff within the Student Support Team to help accelerate access to services for parents/carers and students.
Improve the range of information available to parents in supporting their child through school.
  • Organised specific support events to help parents /carers develop their understanding of:
  • The Teenage Brain workshop
  • Growth Mindset workshop
Parents / carers need improved communication and access to subject teachers and form tutors.
  • Added hyperlinks to direct email address for teaching staff on the school website.
Parents said they could not get GP appointments
  • We parent mailed them details of the Miami Clinic which runs 4.00 – 7.30 in the Durrington Family Centre. They will see all things apart from A and E type injuries.
You said parents should be able to report absence via email.
  • We have extended our reports absence policy to so that reporting absences can now be done via email as well as phone call in. This email goes straight to student services